Race Sal During Home Games

While we’ve been connected to the Holly Springs Salamanders for a few years now, the 2023 partnership is especially fun. Before the game, the Holly Springs Salamanders will select one kid to participate in Sal’s Base Race – meaning they will race Sal the Salamander on the field. During the race, a message will appear on the scoreboard directing those in attendance to visit a short website link. By visiting that link you can enter your information for a chance to win some cool gear. After every home game we will select one lucky winner to receive a new pair of running socks. At the end of the season, all who registered to win socks will be included in a drawing to win a free pair of On running shoes.  

Who are the Holly Springs Salamanders?

The Holly Springs Salamanders is a collegiate summer baseball team based in Holly Springs, North Carolina. They are a member of the Coastal Plain League, a premier summer collegiate baseball league consisting of teams from across the southeast. This league provides college baseball players with the opportunity to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience during the summer months. Players are not able to accept “pay for play” and rely on local families to host them all summer long.  There is usually a need for temporary hosting through the season as players may leave and new players arrive. The Coastal Plain League in particular is known for its high level of competition and has produced numerous professional baseball players over the years including Justin Verlander, Ryan Zimmerman, Kevin Youkilis, and most recently T.J. Hopkins. As for “Salamanders”, this name comes from the Easter tiger salamander, a species found in the area.

The Holly Springs Salamanders have become a popular fixture in the local community, attracting fans of all ages to their games. The team promotes a family-friendly atmosphere and offers various promotions and entertainment during games to enhance the fan experience. Their beloved mascot, Sal, is a fan favorite and always keeps the crowd entertained between innings.

In addition to their on-field activities, the Salamanders also participate in community outreach programs, supporting local charities, and organizing events to engage with their fans and give back to the community.

Overall, the Holly Springs Salamanders are an important part of the collegiate summer baseball landscape in North Carolina, providing an exciting and competitive environment for players and fans alike.