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Our Featured Running Gear

Pace Yourself Run Company has been fortunate to build relationships with a variety of specialty run companies. Everyone’s feet and running mechanics are different just as everyone’s goals and activity levels are different. As such, everyone’s running gear needs are different. The running gear that works for you, whether that be the running clothes you wear, the nutrition to fuel you during training, or the running accessories you use, may not be what works for everyone else.  We want to partner with companies who understand that, and engineer their shoes, nutrition, and running gear to meet your unique individual needs. Covering all of those bases is our goal, so we can help anyone who walks in the door find a quality shoe, sock, hydration pack, etc. that works best for them.

We all know, you need more than just shoes to hit the road…apparel, glasses, safety lights, reflectors, hydration, nutrition … all of the running gear that help with performance and safety on the road or on the trail. We want to keep it functional, funky, and fun. You’ll find what you need, and maybe some stuff you didn’t know you needed. We look to source our inventory of running accessories with your favorite brands, as well as some independent brands for you to discover.


While we carry the most popular running shoe brands in the industry, being an independent run specialty store, we have access to some unique brands and models of running shoes you won’t find at big box retailers. Whether you’re looking for an everyday trainer, a lightweight racer, a trail shoe, track spikes, or something to make walking more enjoyable’ we have a variety of shoes for you to compare against in order to find the perfect fit. And speaking of fit, our staff is trained and excited to walk you through our shoe fitting process where we identify the best shoes for your individual needs. It’s a simple 3 steps process starting with a Q&A to understand who you are, what your goals, any, injuries that are nagging you, etc. Next we analyze your feet to understand the shape, arch, etc. and watch you walk to understand how your feet, ankles, and body react during locomotion. Finally, we bring our a variety of brands that we recommend are best for you.


If you find yourself tiring too quickly during a race or losing your spunk while training, it may be time to try something new. Although everyone is different, race fuel becomes a necessity for most everyone after 90 minutes of running. We carry a variety of gels, chews, bars, and hydration for you to find the right kind of fuel for you. With all the race day fuel options out there, we understand it may be a bit overwhelming. Our team is happy to answer any questions, share a few tips, and suggest what we feel may be the best staring point based on what you’re trying to accomplish.


Theoretically, running is pretty simple, right? You hit the road, treadmill, or trail, place one foot in front of the other and you’re off. Still, you can make those miles seem a whole lot easier with a few accessories that will soon be viewed as necessities. At Pace Yourself Run Company, you’ll find a wide variety of running accessories in store…from specialty running socks, insoles for your shoe, running clothes that are moisture wicking or have the extra pockets, hydration packs for your long runs, injury prevention and compression wear, recovery, CBC oil, lights and safety/reflective gear, etc.