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Medical Corner: Injury Prevention & Advice

If you run on a regular basis, you’re going to get injured. It’s only a matter of time. While we hope those injuries aren’t serious, some running injuries may end up sidelining you for longer than expected.

You’ll notice that a good majority of the posts listed on this page and in the “Healthcare” category of our news and blog section are authored by various medical professionals and not Pace Yourself Run Company staff. The reason being is that we’re runners, not doctors. When it comes you your health, including injury prevention for runners, we always recommend seeking advice and treatment from a licensed medical professional. We’ve been fortunate at Pace Yourself Run Company and in the communities we service to be surrounded by a large group of well trained, well informed, experienced doctors who specialize in injury prevention for runners. Many of our network of “doctor friends” are runners themselves, so they understand the importance, from a personal level, how much means to get patients back on their feet, without pain, and enjoying those miles.

We tagged our doctor friends and asked them to write posts that centered around injury prevention for runners. Specifically what their patients are interested in most. What questions do they ask? What injuries are they trying to overcome? What are some products they recommend that would help in those areas.

We hope you find value in these injury prevention for runners posts and reading them helps keep you on our feet.