Spring Energy & Other Natural Gels: The Pros of Fueling with Real Food

Whether you’re an elite ultra runner or just out for a jog, natural running gels can provide a suitable source of energy to help keep pushing you forward, one leg at a time.

Spring Energy gels, one of the most recognized running nutrition gels on the market, are made from real food ingredients rather than synthetic compounds. Driven by science, these natural running gels can offer several advantages for individuals seeking fast, convenient sources of energy during physical activity.

Natural running gels, such as Spring Energy and Huma Energy gels, are typically made from whole, minimally processed ingredients such as fruits, honey and grains. This means they often contain fewer artificial additives, preservatives and chemicals compared to synthetic gels. Spring Energy gels provide supplementary nutrients and antioxidants from their real food ingredients. For example, these gels made with fruits contain vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Because these types of running nutrition gels contain more whole food ingredients they also tend to be easier on the stomach and digestive system compared to artificial gels. Quite often individuals experience less gastrointestinal distress when consuming natural energy gels.

Unlike synthetic energy gels, natural running gels often provide a more sustained release of energy due to the combination of carbohydrates, fiber and other whole food ingredients. Because Spring Energy gels are made from natural ingredients, when used as running fuel, these gels can help maintain energy levels for an extended period of time. Spring Energy gels may also have a lower glycemic index than their synthetic counterparts. Foods lower on the glycemic index are proven best for athletes since a more gradual increase in blood sugar levels helps reduce the risk of sugar spikes and subsequent crashes, which can often hinder endurance performance.

spring energy gelSpring Energy gels also contain electrolytes like sodium and potassium, as well as other nutrients like vitamins and minerals. These additional ingredients can help maintain proper hydration and replenish essential nutrients lost during long runs or races.

Many running nutrition gels available from Spring Energy are also suitable for individuals with certain dietary restrictions or preferences, such as vegans and vegetarians. Because natural gels are made from specific fruits runners can choose a gel based on their dietary preference or nutritional needs. Spring Energy gels are void of additives, making them a safer option for individuals with food sensitivities or allergies.

Since these energy gels are made from natural ingredients, energy gels such as Spring Energy or Huma Energy, are also able to be consumed without having to train your stomach. It is recommended, when engaging in physical activity, that fueling 30-60 minutes prior will aid performance. When using Spring Energy gels as running fuel, it is best to consume 30-45min before effort.

If an individual is partaking in a race or workout that will exceed more than 1.5 hours then it is recommended to consume one Spring Energy gel every 30-40 minutes during the event, and aim to consume a minimum of 150-250 Kcal per hour.

The portability and convenience of natural running gels make them a great staple for any endurance sport, especially when used as running fuel. Spring Energy gels are packaged in easy-to-carry, single-serving pouches, making them convenient for runners to consume during training or races without the need for chewing or preparing a snack.

Overall, it’s important to choose a running fuel that best fits your performance needs. When choosing what fuels you consider trying natural running gels, as they provide a convenient and effective source of energy for runners, while offering several potential benefits compared to traditional synthetic gels.

About the Author

Jennifer DeSabio holds an MS in Applied Nutrition, with a focus in Obesity and Eating Disorders, from Canisius University. She is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer who works with individuals to help become better versions of themselves through fitness and performance nutrition coaching. Jennifer enjoys many aspects of fitness including resistance training, running, cycling and yoga. She has been a nutrition coach for BTS Nutrition since 2019. BTS Nutrition

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