On Cloudstratus: Our Complete Shoe Review

Support Type: Neutral     Purpose: Everyday Trainer

On Running shoes have been super popular in our store and the community certainly gets excited when new versions drop. It can sometimes even be a challenge keeping this brand on the shelf. The On Cloudstratus has been one of the more popular models as it’s viewed as an everyday trainer. While technically a neutral shoe there are a few elements that were added to this model for stability since the shoe does offer quite a bit of cushion.

Curious how the On Cloudstratus got its name? Well, the word “stratus” comes from the Latin word “strato” which means layer. In this shoe, there are two layers of Helion enriched CloudTec foam which provides maximum cushioning for a more enjoyable ride on those high mileage days.

One cool feature of this shoe is its inner sock construction that provides a comfortable, yet snug fit. An excellent shoe choice for those sockless runners.

For runners who are looking for maximum cushioning on their longer road runs, while having a bit more comfort and cushioning than On typically offers, this is a great option. If you’re prepping for a half marathon or even a marathon, the On Cloudstratus is a great daily trainer leading up to race day for those distances.

How does the On Cloudstratus compare to other On Running shoe models?

The On Cloudstratus is On’s maximum cushioned shoe, but it’s not the model with the most cushioning. That title would be reserved for the On Cloudmonster. The major difference between the two would be what the midsole layers are constructed. The Cloudstratus is a bit more versatile as a daily training shoe with a slightly smoother ride, while the Cloudmonster has a more dramatic rocker style offering a faster feel while running.

In contrast, if you’re looking for a shoe similar to the On Cloudstratus but with a little less cushioning without losing any of the stability factors, the On Cloudflyer would be a good option. It’s a little lighter weight and still viewed as a daily trainer.

Runners can also expect the On Cloudstratus to fit slightly wider than most other On Running models. So if you’ve got wide feet, you’ll have more room in the toe box with the Cloudstratus.

How many miles will the On Cloudstratus last?

The On Cloudstatus is often used as a daily trainer and meant for five miles plus. With all things considered (terrain being one of them) you should be able to get 300 plus miles before starting to notice any significant break down in the shoe’s structure.

Is the On Cloudstratus good for training?

Absolutely. This is what it’s designed for. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for being your race day shoe, but if you’re looking for a daily trainer, something that can handle the high mileage day in and day out, the On Cloudstratus is a great option. If you’re looking to still feel spring-loaded with each step, without being too bouncy, the Cloudstratus provides that along with great cushioning.

It’s important to note that when it comes to shoe preference, it’s very much subjective. What feels good and works well for one runner/walker, may not be the case for another. For the most accurate review, we highly recommend coming into the running shoe store and having one of our staff walk you through the fitting process. This way you have an opportunity to try on multiple brands and models and compare/contrast them against one another. If you’re unfamiliar with our fitting process, click here to learn more.