Nike Pegasus: Our Complete Shoe Review

Support Type: Neutral     Purpose: Everyday Trainer

The Nike Pegasus is considered one of the most reliable shoes in the market, year after year. Not really the flashest of models Nike has, but when it comes to reliability, comfort, and neutral support, it’s hard to beat. Because the Pegasus offers both balance and stability for forefoot and heel strikers, it can easily be recommended for an everyday trailer for runners, but also for walkers. 

While testing out the Nike Pegasus, you’ll notice that it’s highly responsive. The cushioning is comfortable without being too soft while the upper is snug enough, yet still breathable. 

One downside for this shoe for those who prefer running shoes with max cushioning, you’re not going to have any extra foam with the Nike Pegasus. However, if durability and comfort is what you’re seeking, this shoe is an excellent choice. In addition, from an aesthetics standpoint, we feel it’s stylish and classy. 

What is the difference between the Nike Pegasus and the Nike Vomero?

The Nike Pegasus and Nike Vomero are very similar shoes. Both are neutral trainers with the same intended usage in Nike’s Zoom lineup. The key difference between the two, however, is that the Vomero uses a bit more premium material in its construction in order to boast a more “plush” ride. However, that premium material comes with a higher price tag. 

Both shoes display a balanced cushioning throughout while still offering flexibility. For those heel strikers who need a bit more cushioning, both the Pegsus and Vomero are great options as they have a more firm forefoot yet softer rearfoot. The Vomero, however, will tend to feel slightly softer due to its more responsive midsole foam. 

How many miles will the Nike Pegasus last?

There’s really no set rule for how many miles each pair of running shoe will last because of all the factors that must be taken into consideration. It all depends on what terrain you’re running on and how often, as well as how you generally take care of your shoes. You should expect most quality running shoes to last 300-500 miles with premium shoes being at the higher end of that range. That being said you can expect the same with the Nike Pegasus. We’ve seen multiple versions of this model lasting 450+ miles.   

Remember, these shoes are not designed to last forever. Be sure to take note of your mileage. Once the cushion, structure, and tread start to break down, you’ll want to have a back up to start breaking in and integrating into your training.

Is the Nike Pegasus good for training?

The Nike Pegasus is a fantastic option when used as a daily trainer. Traditionally, it provides the right amount of cushion, is very durable, and great for logging those miles throughout the week. This shoe has been extremely popular as a training shoe for years. 

What are other shoe brands/models that are similar to the Nike Pegasus?

All brands have their standard neutral daily trainer. The other shoes most similar to the Nike Pegasus would be the Brooks Ghost, New Balance Fresh Foam 880, Nike Vomero, and Saucony Endorphin Speed. While these shoes may all be similar in purpose (all neutral trainers), they will also feel very different from one another to each individual.

It’s important to note that when it comes to shoe preference, it’s very much subjective. What feels good and works well for one runner/walker, may not be the case for another. For the most accurate review, we highly recommend coming into the running shop and having one of our staff walk you through the fitting process. This way you have an opportunity to try on multiple brands and models, including Nike, and compare/contrast them against one another. If you’re unfamiliar with our fitting process, click here to learn more.