New Balance 880: Our Complete Shoe Review

Support Type: Neutral     Purpose: Everyday Trainer

This shoe is one of our favorites in the store. If you’re looking for a classic daily workhorse, something that can sustain the heavy mileage of everyday running, look no further than the New Balance Fresh Foam 880. This shoe has stood the test of time and has been one of New Balance’s most popular models for over a decade. 

The New Balance Fresh Foam technology offers a soft, plush cushion in the midsole designed to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable ride in order to reduce impact strikes and fatigue in the legs.  

Often referred to as simply the New Balance 880, this model is best known for its comfort and durability. The upper consists of a breathable mesh while the cushioned midsole is ideal for shock absorption. The lacing system for the New Balance 880 always provides a secure, snug fit and the outsole is designed for both durability and traction, providing reliable grip on a variety of surfaces. If you’re looking for comfort and long lasting wear throughout your runs, the New Balance Fresh Foam 880 is a great option.

What is the difference between the New Balance Fresh Foam 880 and the New Balance Fresh Foam 860?

While similar in style, the New Balance 880 and New Balance 860 are designed for two different types of runners. The New Balance 880 is a neutral shoe making it most suitable for runners with a neutral gait – meaning the middle/slightly outward part of the heel strikes the ground first and the foot rolls inward slightly to absorb the shock. Those individuals with a neutral gait typically have a medium arched foot.

The New Balance 860, by contrast, is a stability shoe designed to provide additional support and control for over pronation – meaning the arch of the foot collapses when it rolls inward. Then New Balance 860 is an excellent choice for those looking for a little extra support.

How many miles will the New Balance Fresh Foam 880 last?

The New Balance 880 is often used as a daily trainer. With all things considered (terrain being one of them) you likely won’t see much wear until after 50 miles. Most shoes last usually 300 plus miles before starting to break down. With the New Balance Fresh Foam 880 we’ve seen individuals get 400-500 miles of use. 

Is the New Balance 880 good for training?

Absolutely. The New Balance 880 was designed as a traditional daily trainer. It’s moderately soft, durable, and great for your weekly miles. This is also an excellent shoe for walkers as well.

What are other shoe brands/models that are similar to the New Balance Fresh Foam 880?

All brands have their standard neutral daily trainer. The other shoes most similar to the New Balance 880 would be the Asics Cumulus, Brooks Ghost, Hoka Clifton, Mizuno Wave Rider, Nike Pegasus, and Saucony Ride. While these shoes may all be similar in purpose (all neutral trainers), they will also feel very different from one another to each individual.

It’s important to note that when it comes to shoe preference, it’s very much subjective. What feels good and works well for one runner/walker, may not be the case for another. For the most accurate review, we highly recommend coming into the running shop and having one of our staff walk you through the fitting process. This way you have an opportunity to try on multiple brands and models and compare/contrast them against one another. If you’re unfamiliar with our fitting process, click here to learn more.