Altra Torin: Our Complete Shoe Review

Support Type: Neutral     Purpose: Everyday Trainer

The Torin is one of our favorite models from Altra primarily because of its versatility. This is one of those rare shoes that while considered a daily trainer, can really be used for a number of workouts. Whether you’re planning to hit the road for a 5 mile run, put in some speed workouts on the track, or even lace up for race day, the Altra Torin can easily handle those miles day in and day out. 

As with all models of Altra shoes, the Torin has a Zero Drop – meaning the forefoot and the heel remain the same distance from the ground. Altra promotes this structure as a more natural balance which aligns your feet, back, and posture for less impact than traditional running shoes.

For those not familiar with Altra, the Zero Drop may take some getting used to after spending years running and striking the ground differently. Altra also states that the Zero Drop platform will strengthen the Achilles and lower calf muscles given how your feet will load for propulsion from this position.

Another unique feature of Altra shoes, including the Altra Torin is their wide toe box. Different from traditional running shoes, Altra provides much more room in their toe box which allows your feet to spread out naturally. The Altra Torin is one model that even comes in wide, in the event your feet need even more room in addition to the wide toe box.

What is the difference between the Altra Torin and Altra Escalante?

The Altra Torin and Altra Escalante are very similar shoes. Both are neutral road shoes, have relatively similar weights and stack heights, and display the same foot shape fits (standard) Altra is known for. The primary difference between the two comes with the cushioning. The Torin has a “high” cushion rating while the Escalante has “moderate” cushioning. If you’re needing a shoe for higher mileage runs, we’d recommend the Torin over the Escalante.

How many miles will the Altra Torin last?

There’s really no set rule for how many miles each pair of running shoe will last because of all the factors that must be taken into consideration. It all depends on what terrain you’re running on and how often, as well as how you generally take care of your shoes. You should expect most quality running shoes to last 300-500 miles with premium shoes being at the higher end of that range. That being said you we’ve seen the Altra torin easily handle 400+ miles.

Is the Altra Torin good for training?

The Altra Torin is a great option when used as a daily trainer. It’s also versatile enough to handle both speed workouts on the track as well as longer distance workouts. This shoe has been extremely popular as a training shoe for years. 

What are other shoe brands/models that are similar to the Altra Torin?

All brands have their standard neutral daily trainer. Simply looking at the structure of Altra shoes with its Zero Drop and wide toe box, there’s not many comparisons to other brands. One shoe you could look at that is similar to the Altra Torin would be the Topo Phantom. Topo shoes also share a wide toe box style and with the Phantom, in particular, the drop is minimal. 

It’s important to note that when it comes to shoe preference, it’s very much subjective. What feels good and works well for one runner/walker, may not be the case for another. For the most accurate review, we highly recommend coming into the running shop and having one of our staff walk you through the fitting process. This way you have an opportunity to try on multiple brands and models, including Altra, and compare/contrast them against one another. If you’re unfamiliar with our fitting process, click here to learn more.