About us

The idea and spirit of our running store venture was born from our local community, and “Pace Yourself” embodies that spirit. The spirit of welcoming younger to older, beginner to experienced – all of us getting out there and moving forward with our own purpose and motivation. Not just a description of what we sell, but a place, a destination.  With an intention to help local runners and walkers find their pace, including quality running shoes, nutrition, apparel, training, information, and runs (mixed with a splash of craft beer at the “Runner’s Clubhouse” inside) — we’re  excited to be open in the new Town Hall Commons location in the heart of “Hilly Springs”. 

Running Store with a Purpose

We opened Pace Yourself Run Company in the fall of 2019 to provide runners, walkers, triathletes, and our great community of Holly Springs, North Carolina with the proper footwear and accessories in order to help you become better at your sport. From the beginner walker to the elite athlete, the staff at the Pace Yourself Run Company aims to give exceptional service and advice to all of our customers.

With our wide selection of the latest running shoes, nutrition, and accessories we hope to show you how passionate we are for what we do.

We welcome you to stop by our store in downtown Holly Springs and discover how the proper fit will make your running and walking a much more enjoyable experience. Our staff would love to discuss your history of running or walking, any injuries you’ve dealt with which have sidelined you in the past, and provide an in-store analysis to determine the perfect pair of shoes for your individual needs.

Whether it’s a 15 minute mile or a 7 minute mile, it’s still a mile.

ALL paces are welcomed!

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