Effective Tuesday, Jan 12th, we’ll be switching to Race Reach for runner check-in for the Run Clubs we assist in tracking; including Pace Yourself and Bombshell. Until then we’ll continue using Fitvil.
It’ll be easiest if you’re signed up in advance of the 12th for your attendance to be tracked.
  • Signup via the link above.
  • JOIN and become a member or SIGN IN if already a member.
  • Select “remember me” to opt to stay signed in. Note: you may need to clear cookies if you have issuers with this in the future.
  • Race Reach isn’t currently in the APP store, so you’ll need to add it to your home screen. (for iPhone users, you’ll see a red bar with that option at the bottom of your screen.)
How will you check-in at each run?
No more computers!
We’ll have a printed paper copy of a QR code and you’ll simply use your phone to scan. —-that’s it. Short and simple.
Don’t worry…we’ll be sure to add your previous check-in totals from Fitvil to Race Reach!